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The Top 6 Most

Common & Catastrophic

Marketing Mistakes Business Owners Make

That is right now costing you new leads, predictable sales and new customers

65+ Businesses Trust Us to Create Their Marketing Assets | Since 2012

Here is what you will discover:

The #1 reason why business owners / entrepreneurs can’t seem to sell enough through their marketing no matter how hard they try

The top 6 most common & catastrophic strategic marketing mistakes business owners / entrepreneurs make that blocks eager-to-buy leads from coming to you - #5 is especially sneaky

My step-by-step process for how to quickly get on track towards tens to hundreds of thousands of Euros in new sales - without having to spend years on trial and error or hiring an entire marketing department

The powerful strategic focus you need to have at each phase of the sales funnel to help you make more money through your marketing faster than you thought was possible

Case study
From plateaued to doubled revenue within 12 months
"Enormous impact on revenue"

Ivan Pepelnjak, the founder of, says that the impact on revenue from the strategy project with us was: "Enormous - the online courses increased the revenue by 100% within a year reaching a peak two years later when they represented over 60% of the entire company's revenue". The project was a huge success and the investment in Söderblom Marketing was recouped within a few short months and paying off for years to come.


Image of Ivan Pepelnjak

Ivan Pepelnjak, Founder of

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