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Service Business owner, Creative agency & Fintech founder


Are you launching a new Brand / Service / Program / Offer in 2024?


€ Million Euro Brand


An Exclusive One Time Offer for New Clients Only


Ann lägg till snygg bild och
gör hela sälj sidan snyggare sen

Seriously level up


Go from feeling embarrassed about your brand, insecure about your company's visual appearance to "WOW, how do they do it?!"

The € Million Euro Brand bundle is designed to help you reach & convert your ideal clients like never before.


What is it?

The € Million Euro Brand is a done-for-you hand crafted in Sweden visual Brand + Marketing assets & Copywriting bundle.


It is senior level agency work at a junior freelancer rate for new clients.

M.E.B is for you if


You're a business owner in Sweden or Switzerland.

You're running a Service Business, a Creative Agency and/or a Fintech Startup.

You're looking to accelerate serious growth in 2024.

You want to have a Fortune 500 level visual brand identity without the painful and enormous ongoing big agency fees or frustration from flaky freelancers.

You want your brand to be highly strategic, crazy attractive and to help you make a higher number of sales, new ideal clients and attract a steady stream of eager-to-buy qualified leads!

You're not yet a client of Söderblom Marketing.

Go from frustration to ease


We know how frustrating a product/startup/service launch feels when you don't reach your sales target


When all the hard work doesn't pay off and you wonder why on earth your service/fintech/agency offer doesn't sell at a higher rate!


All the thousands of euros, time and energy wasted with results not even close to giving back a decent ROI leading to painfully slow growth

There is a better way.

About Me

Why listen to me?

• I have spent 24 years launching and running businesses in various industries


• I have spent +20 years marketing all sorts of businesses

• At age 38 I retired financially thanks to my entrepreneurial and financial skills

• These are some of the industries and offerings I have worked with: Tech events, Training, Courses, Facility services, Coaching, Biotech, Blockchain, Software development, Finance, Venture capital, Legal, Administration, Fashion, Trading, Marketing services, Gastronomy, Wellness, Non-profits and much more. 

• I have studied at Berghs school of design, Stockholm University and I have decades of self-study

This is why I am now making the M.E.B unique offer available to you

The Million Euro Brand includes

• Industry, product/service & competitor research

• Offer-Market-Fit Strategy session 60 min

• Program/Product/Service logo design based on your current brand identity

• Color Scheme and font usage mini brand book

• Social media cover art up to 3 accounts

• 1 Social media launch post graphic for e.g. carousel posts 

• 1 Email banner design 

• 2 x 45 minute copywriting support sessions

• Revision rounds as per agreement 


Stock assets & web development is not included




Total value: 4500 EUR 


Pre-sales price: 1699 EUR until XX January at midnight


Time limited offer: 2399 EUR between XX and XX January

What clients say

Christian Langenegger, Co-founder Marathon Sprachen

"We highly recommend Söderblom Marketing and will be back if we need more work done."



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Let's have a chat


Söderblom Marketing AB | Ann Söderblom

Industrigatan 5 | 541 57 Skövde | Sweden

Give us a call +46 (0)72 203 58 70

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